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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shoe Styles 101

Here we go on one of my fetishes! S-H-O-E-S! I have been to different malls lately to buy this perfect pair of shoes that I will be using on my friends party. I was doing my window shopping on the different stalls and boutiques and then it suddenly hit me that I've been buying shoes for myself for how many years now but still dont know what to call a specific shoe type. Why do I always use this generic term "shoes"? Can I use pumps, loafers, wedges or any other terms instead? How?

So I did my research and came up with this "basic" shoe style guide for everyone. I dont know if everyone knows this and I am the only human in this planet that doesn't have any idea on it. ouch!

The List

1. Stilletos
High-heeled, pointed and thin. These are really sexy and feminine which is a good pair for your evening dresses. Also perfect for night out clubbing.

2. Sandals
Open-toed, open at the back and has a single or multiple straps. Can be used to pair up your casual dresses or even your sexy evening wear.

3. Mary Jane
Traditionally, Mary Janes are usually a rounded-toed, low heeled shoe with a cross strap on the middle top but now Mary Janes can be of any height or be high-heeled too. Seeing those Mary Janes really takes us back on our school days when we are still wearing our cute uniforms.

4.Peep Toe Shoe
Has a small opening at the tip, just a small opening to show off the toes but not the whole toe line.

5. Wedge
The heel extends from the back up to the front. Can have single or multiple strappings.

6. Pumps
Low cut shoes without any straps or fastenings.

7. Ballerina Flats
A flat-heeled, enclosed and low-cut shoes. Easy to slip-on and leaves the top of your foot exposed. A very comfortable type of shoes.

8. Mule
It is a slip-on, exposed at the back but covered in the front.

9. Platform
Thick soles right under the foot and usually combined with wedges or heels.

Are you really hip and a real fashionista? Take the dare? Try my "Name that Shoes" exam and test your knowledge.

Images from blogs.glam.com, pinupgirlclothing.com, leluxe.com, ssasychic.com


jehzlau said...

wow kits may blog ka na! sowi di ko nagawa yung online shop mo.. pero yung domain na napili mo ay and2 parin sa akin, at active parin. You can use it in blogger.com if you want. just text me :)

Anonymous said...

haha ang mahilig sa shoes :)Nice one kits ;)