I've been wanting to have a blog site of my own. I know a lot of people already swoon to blogging/writing over the cyberspace so I am kinda curious how they get hooked on this type of hobby. What are the things that make them addicted to it and the satisfaction they feel. I've been very busy lately so I really didn't have the time to even browse on the net the basics of blogging. But now, after almost two years, lol, of just thinking and planning on setting up a site, I finally have one... I thought setting it up will be really hard but not at all. The challenge now for me, is making articles of my journey, experiences, and interests. I just hope that this site will not just merely be my online diary but also be a portal for meeting people, exchanging uniqe ideas, sharing thoughts. I am also looking forward to hearing advices on how to improve this site. Hope to hear from you.. Happy reading!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Name That Shoes!

Challenge your stylistic mind and test your knowledge on this simple quiz.

Know if you're a real fashionista. Ready???


1. Sandals (Slide-On Sandals)
2. Platform Stilletos
3. Mule
4. Boots
5. Clogs - shoes with open backs and closed toes, and are often referred to as mules, with the main difference being the soles and heels. Heels of a clog is a platform-type heel, and the soles are thick and sturdy.
6. Peep Toe Shoes
7. Doll Shoes/ Mary Janes
8. Pumps/High-heeled Pumps
9. Dorsay Pumps - the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are cut away, revealing the arch of the foot.
10. French-heeled Shoes - has a curved, medium-high heels.
11. Sneakers
So whats your score?
Images from pinupgirlclothing.com, zappos.com, leluxe.com.

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