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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fashion Must-Haves this '09

Improving our own looks has been everyone's concern, admit it! So, here are some of the experts tips on having a hip style this year. So checkout your closet if you hit or miss on this coolest ensembles and newest trend in the market.

But always remember girls, trends are cool and fun but not permanent and really changes fast, it is still a smart move if you buy pieces which will have lasting power no matter what the trend is.

1. Jumpsuits/Rompers/Playsuits
What's the difference between the three? Basically, jumpsuits are long, rompers are short and playsuits are more likely a romper but more casual in style.
Actually I just bought one two weeks ago and was glad to know that this is one of the must-haves this year. Bought mine for 500 bucks in a Baclaran when my mom and I was shopping for some goody stuffs for a kiddie party. Hmmm... I wonder how much jumpsuits cost in the mall?

What do you think of this trend? Do you have one?

2. White Dresses
White dresses are IT this season. It makes you feel vibrant, neat and sassy. But girls usually prefer black over the white dresses for they think black will make you look slimmer. But always remember to choose a dress that best suits your body type, always consider the cut or patterns of the dress and voila! here's your super hip chic.

What suits you? a black or a white dress?

3. Blazers
Blazers are a must-have specially for working ladies. It usually spice up our everyday office wardrobes. For a complete look, pair it up with your stylish stilettos.

Some of styles also forecasted to be a hit this year are the following:

4. Asymmetrical Tops
5. Earth-colored outfits (beige, light brown)
6. Pleated Shorts
7. Maxi Dresses (the one that almost touches your feet or the ground)
8. Ruffled Shirts

So girls, what do you think about the trend this year? Are you a hit or a miss?

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. My sister would love these!